Youth Min Nuts & Bolts Course

To help youth leaders get their heads and hearts around some of the more practical aspects of youth ministry, we do offer a Youth Ministry Nuts & Bolts course.

Currently set up as 9 sessions with a total of 8-10 hours, this course covers the essentials for youth leaders to run an effective youth ministry.

Topics include:

Defending Our Faith

Apologetics is the logical defense of our faith. It has its place and it is good to have a working knowledge of the various arguments for and against our faith. Having said that, there is only a percentage of people who will come to faith through pure logic. In my experience, respectful discussion around logical barriers to faith can be a part of people's journey, but is rarely the tipping point.

Having said that, some arguments can cause young people to question their faith, and so I encourage you to equip yourself and your youth with knowledge. When engaging in a discussion, remember some key things...

Local Evangelism Resources

New Zealand has some great resources being developed to help revitalize evangelism within our nation.

See some of the resources that are available.

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Turning A Conversation To Spiritual Things

Taking conversations into spiritual topics is rarely done by accident. Intentional Christians can lead people there. And people who may be going through a challenging time may voluntarily go to those topics. Most other conversations don't naturally give opportunity, and yet spirituality is a major part of our life.

So how do we take that step in our conversations? Below are some thoughts

Dare 2 Share

Dare 2 Share is a ministry based in the United States that has a focus on building ministry mindsets that have a Gospel advancing philosophy. Within their website you will see that they equip teens to share their faith and youth leaders to build youth ministries that advance the Gospel.

Evangelism accelerates the discipleship process. If your students are involved in sharing the gospel then they’ll grow in their faith faster than any curriculum can take them through.

There are loads of resources, including some apps, that will help your youth ministry become more Gospel advancing, and see lives changed.

Go to their website to see what they have that can help you.

Eyes To See

I often pray that I would have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart that would respond. I pray that for you today as well.

Eyes to see. Not just eyes that observe circumstances and facts, but eyes that perceive things below the surface. Eyes that would see beyond the physical to the spiritual, emotional and relational aspects of the situation you are in. Eyes that don't filter what is happening based on how it impacts our schedule or our priorities, but that see how someone might need us today.

Confidence In The Cross

In a world where the highest virtue is tolerance, it can be challenging to maintain our beliefs. And even harder to confidently share our faith.

The world needs people who can stand with confidence in their God and their faith.

What Is The Gospel?

For us to fully present the Gospel to our community, and to our youth, we need to understand what it is. I recommend watching these videos, and then taking 30 minutes to write a summary of the gospel for yourself. It is helpful to have this clear in our own minds, so that we can then teach others.


Youth Evangelism Resources

Current indicators through out New Zealand is that youth ministry is in a state of decline. I believe that part of that is because the youth in our youth groups are not being equipped and released to reach their friends. GOD-talk's goals are to help resource leaders and ministries to change this.

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