Always Sow Hope

Research shows that young peopleĀ are the most anxious we have seen. According to one article, the youth of today live day-to-day with anxiety levels that 50 years ago would have them diagnosed as having a mental health issue. In NZ we continue to have one of the highest suicide rates globally, most of those in under 25s. While the rates in NZ have not moved dramatically, some of the demographics have.

All that to say we have a responsibility to sow hope into hearts.

Guard your heart and the hope you have, and sow it into others...

The Importance of Perseverance

In youth ministry, perseverance is an important attribute to develop and maintain. The definition of perseverance is persistence in doing something, despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

In ministering to any group, especially teenagers, it requires perseverance. That ability to push through hard moments, or to continue to serve, love and lead when you feel like there is no positive change.