The Trustworthiness Of Scripture

When I consider the issues that arise around scripture, I can see four main areas of doubt. They are questioned around: inerrancy, inspiration, perceived contradictions and relevance. So let's look at each of these in turn and see if we can address them satisfactorily in one blog post.

Before we dig too deep, there is one key question that needs to be answered. Why is it important that The Bible is trustworthy?

The Bible is the foundational document of the Christian faith. It contains historical accounts, laws, poetry, prophecy, allegory, wisdom etc. . All of these combined are believed to be the written revelation of God to people. If it is not inerrant, inspired, unified and relevant then it is of little value. If the authority of one area is in question, then the whole Bible is in question. People would pick and choose which parts they want to believe and follow, and which parts to ignore.