An Open Letter to Small Group Leaders Everywhere

An Open Letter to Small Group Leaders Everywhere first appeared on Mark Howell Live

We hope it is an encouragement to those who lead small groups.


Dear small group leader, I hope this letter finds you well (and that may have never been a more important hope than today).

I also hope this letter finds you ready to play the part God designed you to play. He designed you to have a particular shape and wiring. And like a fingerprint, your design is unique to you...

Small Group Discussion Skills

One of the biggest skills in being a small group leader is how to lead a discussion. It is a learned skill, and we all have our good days and our bad days, but let's have a look at some skills that can help.

  • Know your content
  • Use open-ended questions
  • ...

Be A Caring Adult


It has been said that it takes a tribe to raise a child. Part of the tribe is caring adults who step into the world of young people. They can give perspective, help them learn and give them hope. As we spend October looking at small groups, the role of a small group leader is crucial in the lives of young people.

The clip below reminds us that we have a part to play. You don't have to be young to be relevant, you just have to care enough. Care enough to push past any awkwardness in the early stages of connection. Young people are worth pushing past our reservations. There have been times when I have felt awkward and irrelevant, and I have chosen not to connect. But I was challenged by God that my hesitation is robbing those young people of another caring adult.