NT Wright

The New Testament In Its World

I have seen and skimmed this book and from what I have observed it is a useful tool for understanding the New Testament.

Book Depository's description says:

In The New Testament In Its World acclaimed biblical scholar N. T. Wright draws on a lifetime of distinguished scholarship to provide a thorough overview of the New Testament for students, church leaders, and everyday Christians.

Developing Our Beliefs

How we live our lives is impacted by our belief system and we should be doing our best to develop a Biblical world view. There are a number of things that can shape our worldview and our perspective of God.

  • Our experiences
  • Things we have learnedĀ from people or sources that we trust
  • Our personality and how we interpret things
  • Our hopes and desires

We all have conscious and sub-conscious beliefs. Some we are aware of, some we never think about. Both shape our behaviours and decisions.