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Small Group Video Resources

One great way for us to help students engage with studies and discussion is to use video clips as part of the study. So to help you with that we have found a few websites that will help you.

  • The Source For Youth Ministry Movie Clips
  • Wing Clips
  • ScreenVue

We hope that is of some assistance as you lead students.

Dealing With Distracting And Disruptive Youth

It won't take you long as small group leader to come across one or two youth who are distracting or disruptive. To be honest, on any given day, any of your youth can be a cause for disruption. We all have our days when we don't want to pay attention, or we feel like we need to be the centre of attention. And teenagers who have a lot happening are going to do this too.

Handling distraction and disruption is a key skill as a small group leader. Below are some pointers to help you manage these moments.

All Together - Small Groups

Another great NZ resource by the team at All Together, especially designed for small groups. The website has resources on how to establish intentional disciple-making church small groups and has a number of gifts, videos and links.

Building Small Group Connections

The role of a small group leader is part Bible teacher and part relationship builder. As a small group leader, there are a number of connections and relationships that you need to be aware of and work on. Below are some thoughts on how you can build those relationships.

This article covers some thoughts on:

  • Connection with young people
  • Connection between young people
  • Connection with parents
  • Connection with your direct report

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Starting Small Groups Strong

DYM have a freebie available that was a training presented by Steve Gladen, who has written multiple books on small groups while pastoring the small group team at Saddleback Church.

Starting Small Groups Strong is currently a freebie on Download Youth Ministry, and we hope it is a blessing to you. If it ever stops being free, then let me know and will share what I have downloaded...

An Open Letter to Small Group Leaders Everywhere

An Open Letter to Small Group Leaders Everywhere first appeared on Mark Howell Live

We hope it is an encouragement to those who lead small groups.


Dear small group leader, I hope this letter finds you well (and that may have never been a more important hope than today).

I also hope this letter finds you ready to play the part God designed you to play. He designed you to have a particular shape and wiring. And like a fingerprint, your design is unique to you...

Small Group Discussion Skills

One of the biggest skills in being a small group leader is how to lead a discussion. It is a learned skill, and we all have our good days and our bad days, but let's have a look at some skills that can help.

  • Know your content
  • Use open-ended questions
  • ...

Make Your Own 3 Year Scope & Sequence

Sometimes as youth leaders, we get caught in a week to week cycle. We look to the next event, the next Bible study, the next sermon and don't spend time planning what we are teaching the young people in the long term. If we are serious about discipling young people into life-long disciples, then we need to take the time to plan what we are teaching them. Whether preaching to a large group or in a small group discussion, we should be intentional.

How can you think through what your young people need?


Small Groups From Start to Finish

According to Doug Fields, the number one question people ask him is "How do I start an effective small group program?" This resource is his answer. Everything Doug and his ministry partner Matt McGill know about launching small groups has been put into this production pack resource.