Theological Training Providers

For some of us, the best way to learn is in a more formal setting, whether in lectures or distance programs, so below are some options for you to consider if that is for you.

Colleges we look at:

  • Laidlaw College
  • Carey Baptist College
  • Alphacrucis College
  • Vineyard College
  • Faith Bible College

Dealing With Distracting And Disruptive Youth

It won't take you long as small group leader to come across one or two youth who are distracting or disruptive. To be honest, on any given day, any of your youth can be a cause for disruption. We all have our days when we don't want to pay attention, or we feel like we need to be the centre of attention. And teenagers who have a lot happening are going to do this too.

Handling distraction and disruption is a key skill as a small group leader. Below are some pointers to help you manage these moments.

Building Small Group Connections

The role of a small group leader is part Bible teacher and part relationship builder. As a small group leader, there are a number of connections and relationships that you need to be aware of and work on. Below are some thoughts on how you can build those relationships.

This article covers some thoughts on:

  • Connection with young people
  • Connection between young people
  • Connection with parents
  • Connection with your direct report

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Starting Small Groups Strong

DYM have a freebie available that was a training presented by Steve Gladen, who has written multiple books on small groups while pastoring the small group team at Saddleback Church.

Starting Small Groups Strong is currently a freebie on Download Youth Ministry, and we hope it is a blessing to you. If it ever stops being free, then let me know and will share what I have downloaded...

Dare 2 Share

Dare 2 Share is a ministry based in the United States that has a focus on building ministry mindsets that have a Gospel advancing philosophy. Within their website you will see that they equip teens to share their faith and youth leaders to build youth ministries that advance the Gospel.

Evangelism accelerates the discipleship process. If your students are involved in sharing the gospel then they’ll grow in their faith faster than any curriculum can take them through.

There are loads of resources, including some apps, that will help your youth ministry become more Gospel advancing, and see lives changed.

Go to their website to see what they have that can help you.

Training Needs Analysis

Another resource which can be found within the Sustainable Practices resources is a Training Needs Analysis. I have created an online version which will send you an email with your results and you can also send a copy to a senior pastor/supervisor/mentor for further discussion.

Hope this helps you develop as a leader.

Training Needs Analysis