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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Download Youth Ministry Podcast Network Logo

Podcasting is fairly popular again and there is a group of podcasts that are under the banner of Download Youth Ministry (DYM), very simply called the DYM Podcast Network. They have a range of topics and you can subscribe to all of them with one click or you can pick and choose the podcasts that you like or that are most useful to you.

The podcasts include:

  • DYM Podcast - which has been running for more than 10 years and answers youth ministry questions
  • Youth Ministry Hacks - discussion around life and practical tips to help do ministry better
  • What it is. What it means - a look at pop culture and what it means in ministry
  • 15 Minutes with Frank - Frank talks about what he is doing and some thoughts on youth ministry (usually longer than 15 mins)
  • My Third Decade - a youth ministry veteran talks about longevity in ministry
  • YM Lab - general tips and things that the presenters are trying
  • The Morning After Ministry Show - a caffeine fueled look back at the week that was
  • Mentor Me - interviews with the leading voices in American youth ministry
  • Parent Tips - about 10 minutes of help and hope for parents of teens, share with the parents in your ministry and become a hero
  • YW's Guide to Video Games - a show about video games


We hope these are a source of encouragement, perspective and resource to help you as you lead and love young people.

Let us know of any youth ministry podcasts that you are listening to that might help others.


To subscribe to podcasts you can use a number of options, on your PC you can download iTunes (or whatever replaces it shortly). On your phones you can search podcast apps. If you need any help with that, just let us know.

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