Funny Book Titles and Authors

Some amusing fake book titles and author combos to lighten your day as we move through the week. There were a few of these that I had to read multiple times before it clicked, but enjoy and hope it puts a smile on your face.

"How To Write Big Books" by Warren Peace

"The Lion Attacked" by Claude Yarmoff

"The Art Of Archery" by Beau N. Arrow

"Songs For Children" by Barbara Blacksheep

"Irish Heart Surgery" by Angie O'Plasty

"Desert Crossing" by I. Rhoda Camel

"School Truancy" by Marcus Absent

"I Was A Cloakroom Attendant" by Mahatma Coate

"I Lost My Balance" by Eileen Dover and Phil Down

"Positve Reinforcement" by Wade Ago

"Shhh!" by Danielle Soloud

"The Philippine Post Office" By Imelda Letter

"Stop Arguing" by Xavier Breath


What ones do you know that might be worth adding to the list.