Goal Setting

Thursday, January 3, 2019

There are thousands of articles, books, podcasts about goal setting, and multiple ways to go about it. And at this time of year I am sure the visitors to each of these resources spikes. Of course the attrition rate between those who set goals and those who maintain the habits and disciplines to achieve them is very high. I, myself, am one of those who tries to set and achieve goals but with limited success, and there are many reasons for that that will likely fill a later blog post.

But in all my years, the most impactful message that I encountered around new years was one by Andy Stanley called A New You Resolution. Essentially the message it gives is that it is always more important to decide who we want to be before we decide what we want to do. All too often we set goals without considering who we are and what the important people in our lives will say about us at our funeral.

Take for example this blog and the overall endeavour of YouthMin NZ. My ego wants some sort of fame and renown, which may or may not come and is difficult to measure, but my spirit and soul says that if the youth leaders that I have the privilege of interacting with and serving were at my funeral, I would want them to say that I didn't just help them be better youth workers but I cared about them personally and helped them to be better people and Christians.

So as you look ahead to the new year, I encourage you to listen to the message by Andy Stanley and then go on the very important journey of deciding who you want to be, so you can lead and minister and do from a far better platform.

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