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Wednesday, July 24, 2019


Current indicators through out New Zealand is that youth ministry is in a state of decline. I believe that part of that is because the youth in our youth groups are not being equipped and released to reach their friends. GOD-talk's goals are:

  • to see evangelism and outreach training happening in every youth ministry every year
  • for those young people to be encouraged to go into their school and pray together about how they could best represent Christ

GOD-talk supplies resources and online training videos for leaders to help build a culture of evangelism into their group, as well as videos and discussion guides to help train youth. They also have ideas that can be used in schools that might spark your youth's creativity as they pray about how to represent Christ.

I encourage you to take 30 minutes, browse the website, watch the videos and then begin to pray about evangelism within the context of your youth, their schools and your community. The Great Commission was not a suggestion, it was an imperative, and resources like GOD-talk can help us to reach these youth.

If you need some motivation, then check out the video below from Penn Jillette. He is an atheist but when a man approached him with respect and gifted him a Bible, he was not offended. His comments basically say that if you are a Christian and believe in eternity and hell, then it is your duty to share what you believe.


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