Theological Training Providers

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

For some of us, the best way to learn is in a more formal setting, whether in lectures or distance programs, so below are some options for you to consider if that is for you.

Laidlaw College
Laidlaw College is the largest interdenominational Christian College in Aotearoa New Zealand, offering qualifications from certificate to doctoral level, in the areas of theology and biblical studies, mission, ministry, counselling and teacher education. We provide a dynamic learning environment for students throughout Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world, with two campuses in Auckland, one in Christchurch and great distance learning opportunities too.
Laidlaw College has at its core a deep commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ to which the Bible bears witness and to an encounter with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit as we learn together. Our programmes bridge the gap between faithful reflection on God and a deep engagement with the world.
College life is relational and community oriented and we are committed to seeing our students flourish academically, socially and through encounter with God and others. Our College reflects and celebrates the cultural diversity of Aotearoa New Zealand and its bicultural heritage.

Carey Baptist College
We specialise in training leaders for ministry and mission. Our pastoral leadership training programme is unique in New Zealand, but we also provide a range of pathways for anyone wanting to grow in their faith and participate more fully in God’s work of renewing this world.
Established way back in 1926, Carey has grown from a small denominational seminary into an NZQA‑accredited theological college, serving not just the Baptist movement but churches right across the denominational spectrum.
We are New Zealand’s highest ranked non‑university research institute. Our qualifications range from Certificates and Diplomas through to Bachelors and Masters degrees, including PhDs (in partnership with the University of Otago and AUT University).
Carey is the only tertiary education organisation in Aotearoa to offer degree‑level study in applied theology. We also offer the only NZQA‑accredited theology programme in Mandarin.
Alongside these academic programmes, we provide a set of outstanding leadership formation tracks. These combine theological study with supervised ministry experience and intensive personal mentoring to help students integrate their head, hands, and heart.
Carey’s uniquely integrative or applied approach to theology, together with this emphasis on holistic formation and personalised development pathways, produces leaders who can engage faithfully and effectively in God’s work in this world.

Alphacrucis College
Alphacrucis, originally called Advance Ministry Training Centre, (AMTC) was established in 1986 to equip men and women to fulfill the call to Christian ministry both in New Zealand and overseas. In 1997 it became the National Ministry Training School for the Assemblies of God in New Zealand. In 2006 AMTC entered a partnership agreement with Southern Cross College in Sydney, Australia and in April 2009 it became Alphacrucis.
The College also equips Christians who do not have a call to become a pastor, with Christian skills and worldview, which will enable them to be effective in any profession or sector of the community.

Vineyard College
At Vineyard College, we believe you grow the most when theology meets practice. That’s why our programmes are balanced between practical training and academic study, enabling you to learn and grow while you outwork your calling.
Our programmess inspire your mind and lay foundations to help you become a student of the Bible and a passionate follower of Jesus.
What sets us apart? We’re a distance college, so you can serve and grow in your own church and ministry context while progressing through academic coursework online!

Faith Bible College
We seek to help Christians develop their leadership potential, particularly in the area of identity, outlook and attitudes so they will be effective, sensitive and helpful in whatever specific line of ministry they move into. Faith Bible College is not just another school. In fact, its not just another Bible school. What is it that sets it apart from the rest?
Faith Bible College exists to produce servant leaders. As our Mission Statement declares we are committed to the task of preparing Christian leaders and workers for revival ministry worldwide, who manifest the character of Christ and who minister in the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.
Another way that Faith Bible College is distinctive from other institutions is the strong balance of spiritual and academic disciplines. While some schools sacrifice the spiritual for the sake of the academic (or vice versa), Faith Bible College is strong in both areas. Faith Bible College concentrates on nurturing whole persons, developing their spiritual gifts and calling, together with natural gifts and abilities, such as academic and reasoning skills, speaking skills, manual skills etc. That balance is quite unique among Bible schools.
There is a great atmosphere at Faith Bible College for the dealings of God. Students can often be heard saying things like, God’s dealing with me in this way. While it is unlikely that Faith Bible College is the only place where this happens, the school does seem to be a place where divine dealings are normative to Christian experience.
To sum up, Faith Bible College seeks to serve the Kingdom of God with leaders who are, first and foremost, servants focused on spiritual reality, but also academically competent, healed in heart, filled with the Spirit, fortified in a wealth of practical experience, and committed to labour in God’s end-time harvest anywhere.

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