Sustainable Youth Ministry

In the realm of strategy and planning within youth ministry, you can't go past Sustainable Youth Ministry, by Mark DeVries.

The Power Of Encouragement

The Bible says to encourage one another and so below are some ideas based on the 5 Love Languages as a framework. If you have never read the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman, I recommend it. It will help you in all your relationships.

Hillsong Leadership Network

I have a great deal of respect for Brian & Bobbie Houston and the team they have built at Hillsong. The Hillsong Leadership Network is another avenue that they have created to serve the local church.

Serving Into Greatness

Jesus said to his disciples on a number of occasions that whoever wants to become great must become the servant of all. (Mt 20:26, Mt 23:11). Jesus did not say don't desire to become great, don't try to become great, he just said that the pathway and price to greatness is serving.

Expectations and Boundaries

Road through forestJust as cars operate more successfully when they stay on the road, leaders and teams operate more efficiently when they have clear expectations and boundaries, and stay within them. One of the most important things to do as a leader with a team is to make sure that we clearly communicate our expectations and boundaries to our teams, and then hold them accountable to it. It can also be one of the hardest things to do, especially the accountability part.

God Wants To Use Your Insecurity

I always enjoy Steven Furtick's preaching but this video hit me between the eyes the other week and lifted my soul to remember that it is about Jesus and not about me and my perceived failings.

God is working through imperfect people in the world today, and that means us.


How Not To Do Leadership

This guy tickles my funny bone. Check out the video and see some of the demotivational posters you can buy on his website - Despair, Inc

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Pause For The Peace

Life will push us to be busier, people will want us to make decisions quicker, fear can cause us to rush a decision or freeze in case it is wrong, our past experiences will cause us to have default reactions in certain scenarios. When we pause and make sure we have the peace, then we are making room for the Holy Spirit to interact with us and our decisions. The Holy Spirit is our Guide and Counsellor, he has been sent to lead us into all truth, and we need to maintain senstivity to him and his leading. Effectiveness and influence are not going to increase because you read the latest book or blog, or from the latest podcast or conference. It comes from leading out of an active relationship with God, allowing him to lead and guide you.