Dad Jokes - Will Ferrell vs Mark Wahlberg

Two funny guys, trying not to laugh at jokes. Not entirely clean but "reasonably" safe.


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Team Games

In this season of volunteers, I thought a video for some team building games might make you smile and might even give you some ideas.

Funny Book Titles and Authors

Some amusing fake book titles and author combos to lighten your day as we move through the week. There were a few of these that I had to read multiple times before it clicked, but enjoy and hope it puts a smile on your face.

Photoshop Experts Show Their Skills

Check out the mad skills and amusing perspective of these photoshop ninjas.

Photos for this post were found on Quick Turtle's Facebook page, posted on 16th Sep 2019. We post this with our full respect for skill and humour.

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Flight of the Conchords

Flight of the Conchords are one of my favourite comedy acts. Here are a couple of their videos to lighten your day.

Santa Went Down To Georgia

An amusing video for your viewing pleasure. We are a little way off Christmas but as we near the end of the year maybe this will inspire you for something.


Funny Astronaut Ad

I know this shows that I am still immature, but I find this hilarious

Deer in the Air Tonight

I am an amateur and average drummer, and a Phil Collins fan, so this doubly amused me. Sadly I think the deer does it better than I could.


Skit Guys - Ask Tommy & Eddie

Tommy & Eddie are the Skit Guys. They have some pretty funny videos and have started doing a Q&A video series, which is quite amusing. Check it out.


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