Foundations Of Student Leadership Program

When running a student leadership program, there are some foundational things to set in place before you start. Understanding why you are doing this and how you will implement it are important before you launch in.

Why student leadership

Who can help

What will it look like

Who will you invite

Making The Bible And Theology Relevant

It has always been the role of the preacher or small group leader to take the Bible or a biblical concept and interpret into the current context. And it is such an important part of what we do with teenagers in youth ministry.

We all have filters based on our life experiences, how we are wired, the voices we listen to etc. No matter who our parents were or where we were brought up, those filters and those world-views need to be re-aligned with God's word. That is what preaching and small group Bible study should be doing for our teenagers. We take ancient texts, some of which can be obscure, we find the transferable or timeless truth and bring it into our context. We do that so young people can form a godly world-view.

Dealing With Tensions In Theology

As much as Christianity is a unified set of beliefs, there are some of these beliefs that are held in tension. They don't seem to live harmoniously. For example God is love and the judgement of God. To many in our world, if God is really loving, then he wouldn't judge, he would accept everyone without judgement. God's judgement comes from his holiness, his perfection.

If God was not holy and perfect, then he is a flawed god and not truly worthy of being worshipped. But he is not holy and wicked, which would lead to a situation without hope of redemption. We would need to be perfect but would have no way to achieve it so would be condemned from the start. He is holy and loving, which means he provided a way for us to be redeemed and have a perfect record, through Jesus.

If anyone is going to discover and ask about these tensions, it will be teenagers. They are going through a time in life when they are asking questions and looking to see if Christianity stacks up in the real world.

Principles Of Biblical Interpretation

Interpreting the Bible—hermeneutics—is the science and art of understanding, translating, and explaining the meaning of the Scripture text. There are a number of things to apply to this process.

Questions to Help You Understand and Apply the Bible

This posts looks at some questions that can help us as we read our Bible. The content has been collated from a few sources, including some of our own thoughts. We hope that it is a helpful resource for you personally and in your youth ministry.

The Trustworthiness Of Scripture

When I consider the issues that arise around scripture, I can see four main areas of doubt. They are questioned around: inerrancy, inspiration, perceived contradictions and relevance. So let's look at each of these in turn and see if we can address them satisfactorily in one blog post.

Before we dig too deep, there is one key question that needs to be answered. Why is it important that The Bible is trustworthy?

The Bible is the foundational document of the Christian faith. It contains historical accounts, laws, poetry, prophecy, allegory, wisdom etc. . All of these combined are believed to be the written revelation of God to people. If it is not inerrant, inspired, unified and relevant then it is of little value. If the authority of one area is in question, then the whole Bible is in question. People would pick and choose which parts they want to believe and follow, and which parts to ignore.

Planning And Running Events

This topic is very broad in the context of youth ministry. It can cover from your weekly program to a massive annual event, and they need different considerations.

If you are planning a massive annual event then the scope of the event planning may span 15+ months. 1-2 months before this year's event, you may need to be looking at next year's line up of speakers or bands or venu. Then you can do an early bird promo and registration at this year's event. And then post event there will be 1-2 months of tidying up accounts, following up on last minute details etc.

If you are planning a small social activity, then 2 weeks can be sufficient to ensure bookings are made and promos sent out.

Key Tips For Calendar Planning

What are some tips for planning a social calendar, a service calendar and a mixture.

Tips for Running Great Games

One skill that youth leaders should learn to master is how to run a game or ice-breaker. We know that the purpose of youth group isn't just entertainment and fun, but if we don't have fun then we limit our reach and impact.

Below is an article from Jonathan McKee's website on the Seven Deadly Sins of Game Leading. And we agree with all of them.

Tips For Preaching To Youth

There are many resources out there to help you improve your preaching. Books, podcasts, videos, courses, and Youth Min NZ does a communicators course, if you're interested. Rather than cover the same ground as others have covered, I thought I would do some thoughts, ideas and tips that might help you prepare to preach...