Adjusting To The Rhythm

I had a conversation with a younger leader a while ago. He was bemoaning the lack of spirituality in his life. His benchmark was from a few years earlier when he was single and would meet with a couple of friends to pray for 30 mins to an hour each morning. His current life involved running a business, his wife and three kids under the age of four, as well as church involvement. And those friends had also moved out of town.

I gently pointed out to him that while that season of more intense seeking is admirable, he needed to embrace the current season, and its new rhythm. Rather than just remember the "good old days", he needed to discover what was viable now.

How To Handle the Weekly Ebb and Flow of Youth Ministry

The plants and animals in the tidal zone know, and are prepared for, the changing tides. They know the lift and turmoil of the incoming tide, culminating in a high tide. They know the drag and flow of the outgoing tide, finishing with the low tide. There are things to learn from them that we can apply to youth ministry and the rhythms we experience.