What People Think We Do

These were popular a few years ago, and I thought I would rehash some of the ones that I think are funny. Feel free to share ones you have seen on whatever social media platform you follow us on.

Note: These have been uplifted without permission but links to the original website is included below each image

Image from: YMJen


Funny Tiger Meme

I know this shows my age, but when scouting for something funny to share for Tuesday's chuckle I saw this and had to share it. If you have no idea why this is funny then ask someone who was around in the 80s or check out the music video or the Rocky video


Try This If Going For Surgery

There is always time for a laugh. Have a read.

Who do you know that would do this? I can think of at least 2-3 people.


Image taken from Postive Memes Facebook Page

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Funny Easter Meme

Hope this was true for your Easter

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