Fruit and Fruitfulness

Galatians 6:9 - Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Keeping volunteers in youth ministry has difficult moments. It is especially hard in seasons where it feels more like hard work than harvest. And in reality, sometimes that harvest is years after the seeds are planted. And then the harvest may be reaped by another ministry or church.

Understanding fruit, fruitfulness and fruit that lasts is important. If we don't, we might become weary and stop doing the good we should be doing.

Be A Caring Adult


It has been said that it takes a tribe to raise a child. Part of the tribe is caring adults who step into the world of young people. They can give perspective, help them learn and give them hope. As we spend October looking at small groups, the role of a small group leader is crucial in the lives of young people.

The clip below reminds us that we have a part to play. You don't have to be young to be relevant, you just have to care enough. Care enough to push past any awkwardness in the early stages of connection. Young people are worth pushing past our reservations. There have been times when I have felt awkward and irrelevant, and I have chosen not to connect. But I was challenged by God that my hesitation is robbing those young people of another caring adult.

Rest—Investing Time to Become a Better Leader

This article was originally published on JohnMaxwell.com on September 3, 2019. For the article on the original site and other resources, please click here.

Recently, one of our team members at the John Maxwell Company shared an interesting struggle in his life: he’s forgotten how to rest. Some of the team was gathered for lunch and he volunteered his thoughts as everyone was talking.

Righteousness In Its Right Place

Ephesians 6:14b - the breastplate of righteousness in place

The breastplate is a protective plate that covers the vital organs, including the heart. We need to protect our heart, for as Proverbs says it is the well spring of life. Our heart is the core of who we are, our identity, our passion, our life.

But why righteousness?

Stand Wrapped In Truth

Ephesian 6:14a - Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist...

Why do we need truth wrapped around us, securing everything? Because we are battling against the Father of Lies. He lies to us about our position and security, he lies to us about the character of God, he lies to us about our future, our past and our present, he even lies about who he is, in an attempt to limit our effectiveness.

Focus On The Right Fight

There is no doubt that the struggle is real. Whether it is at a personal level, a ministry/church level or a society level, there is a struggle for us to progress God's kingdom. And sometimes we can be overwhelmed by what we perceive. I believe there are three main responses that I see.

  1. Duck, dive and evade
  2. Make a lot of noise
  3. Proactive & loving

Born for Greatness

I am sure this band (Papa Roach) and style of music is not everyone's preference, but the message is a good one. The video showcases some amazing individuals who don't allow their physical limitations to determine what they can and can't do.

Stand Strong

Alistair Brownlee helps brother Jonny over the line after collapsing in triathlonWhatever need you have, whatever situation you are facing, you can stand in his strength. Whether the outcome is one we hoped for or one we wanted to avoid, we can stand in his strength. Whether we are facing the challenges that come with growth or we feel like we are floundering and unfruitful, we can stand in his strength.

Mark Cole: Turn Mistakes into Success

If you’re human, you are going to make mistakes. I love Denis Waitley’s perspective: “Mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what is called experience.”

John Maxwell says there are two kinds of people in regards to setbacks: splatters, who hit the bottom, fall apart and stay on the bottom; and bouncers, who hit rock bottom, pull themselves together, and bounce back up.

Here are a few thoughts that will help you turn your mistakes into success.

The Most Committed To Young People

I was reminded that as youth leaders and youth pastors, we create environments and opportunities within our programming for kids to experience God, and some kids connect with God in those moments, and some do not. We can sometimes be disappointed when we don't see the response that we hoped for.