What Is The Gospel?

For us to fully present the Gospel to our community, and to our youth, we need to understand what it is. I recommend watching these videos, and then taking 30 minutes to write a summary of the gospel for yourself. It is helpful to have this clear in our own minds, so that we can then teach others.


Boundaries and Balance from Richard Black

I first heard Richard Black at a youth leaders day being hosted by Assemblies of God NZ. He is from Strength to Strength, a counselling and training organisation.

His talk on that day was very similar to the video below. I believe it is important for leaders to understand these principles in order to maintain health, boundaries, balance, and to last for the long term. Please watch, enjoy and implement the principles.


Developing Our Beliefs

How we live our lives is impacted by our belief system and we should be doing our best to develop a Biblical world view. There are a number of things that can shape our worldview and our perspective of God.

  • Our experiences
  • Things we have learned from people or sources that we trust
  • Our personality and how we interpret things
  • Our hopes and desires

We all have conscious and sub-conscious beliefs. Some we are aware of, some we never think about. Both shape our behaviours and decisions.

Two Bible Reading Resources

This post highlights 2 books which might help you in your journey of Bible reading and Bible study.

How To Read The Bible For All Its Worth

It has been quite a number of years since I have read this book, in fact it was probably 20 years ago when I was at Bible College that I engaged with an earlier version. I remember that it was a very useful book in helping me to gain a greater understanding of what I was reading in the Bible.

Book - Celebration of Discipline

I first read this book over 8 years ago as part of a course and while the language in that version was as little dated, the information was challenging.

There are three categories of disciplines that are covered here. Inward disciplines, which included meditation, prayer, fasting and study. Outward disciplines, which covered simplicity, solitude, submission and service. And corporate disciplines included confession, worship, guidance and celebration.

Sustainable Youth Ministry

In the realm of strategy and planning within youth ministry, you can't go past Sustainable Youth Ministry, by Mark DeVries.

Knowing Your Team

One helpful way to get to know your volunteers, and where they are best positioned to serve is to have them do personality assessments, giftings and strength assessments. Below are a number of online assessments that I have seen and most of them I have used at some point. They may not all suit your purposes, but try them and see which ones  work for your purposes.

Small Groups From Start to Finish

According to Doug Fields, the number one question people ask him is "How do I start an effective small group program?" This resource is his answer. Everything Doug and his ministry partner Matt McGill know about launching small groups has been put into this production pack resource.

The Complete Guide To Small Groups

This month, we are focusing on small groups and I found this website that has multiple links that will be helpful for any small group leader. The website is about 2 years old so I can't vouch for all the links but am sure there is enough there to get a good start.

Hillsong Leadership Network

I have a great deal of respect for Brian & Bobbie Houston and the team they have built at Hillsong. The Hillsong Leadership Network is another avenue that they have created to serve the local church.