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There are loads of resources out there, but one centralised place for easily downloaded and reasonably priced resources is DYM.

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Help I'm A Student Leader

I am aware that I am a little too much of a Doug Fields fan boy, but when his resources keep on hitting the mark then how can I ignore them. 

The synopsis from Amazon says:

Theological Training Providers

For some of us, the best way to learn is in a more formal setting, whether in lectures or distance programs, so below are some options for you to consider if that is for you.

Colleges we look at:

  • Laidlaw College
  • Carey Baptist College
  • Alphacrucis College
  • Vineyard College
  • Faith Bible College

The New Testament In Its World

I have seen and skimmed this book and from what I have observed it is a useful tool for understanding the New Testament.

Book Depository's description says:

In The New Testament In Its World acclaimed biblical scholar N. T. Wright draws on a lifetime of distinguished scholarship to provide a thorough overview of the New Testament for students, church leaders, and everyday Christians.

Systematic Theology - Wayne Grudem

There are a number of theology books. Some are systematic theology, which means they are arranged based on subject. Some are Biblical theology books that are more focussed on the overall Biblical narrative, stories and themes. One of the most recommended systematic theology books, is from Wayne Grudem.

The reason this is recommended is because it doesn't just present one angle, it gives all the perspectives and how that view is supported.

Amazon's write up says:

The Basics Of Bible Study Aids

Today, I want to cover the basics of 3 types of resources that you should have access to as you engage in Bible study. I will do my best to point you to reputable resources, free online if I can but you may have to spend some money as well.


Youth Min Nuts & Bolts Course

To help youth leaders get their heads and hearts around some of the more practical aspects of youth ministry, we do offer a Youth Ministry Nuts & Bolts course.

Currently set up as 9 sessions with a total of 8-10 hours, this course covers the essentials for youth leaders to run an effective youth ministry.

Topics include:

A Message on Programming

Below is an audio file of a message shared a number of years ago at a Youth Leaders Summit, about the value and values of programming. We hope it is helpful.

It covers everything from understanding why we run programs, to some practical thoughts around scheduling larger events strategically.

Download MP3

Youth Group Games Aus Website

This is a very helpful website, Youth Group Games, with good categories and a broad range of games. They have games, icebreakers, ideas and activities for youth groups, team building, summer camps, scout meets, churches and more.

Speaking To Teenagers book

When Doug Fields and Duffy Robbins get together on a project, you know it is going to be good.


Get ready for a crash course in effective communication. More than just a book on how to "do talks," Speaking to Teenagers combines the experience and wisdom of two veteran youth ministry speakers, along with insightful research and practical tools, to help you develop messages that engage students with the love of Christ and the power of his Word...