Youth Leaders Survey 2020


I hope you are more than surviving in this current season.

This year I turn 40, which will also means I have been involved in youth ministry for almost 24 years. I am still convinced it is one of the most important and valuable ministries and I hope God graces me to continue to serve in this area for another 24+ years.

On that note, I have been working on an initiative called Youth Min NZ. My hope is that this can become a community resource to help the soul and skill of youth leaders. At the moment we have articles, resources, encouragement and training opportunities, with the hope of adding Bible studies, other events, connection points etc. Basically anything that will help youth leaders and youth ministries around NZ. I want to do this with the input and contributions from youth leaders, like yourself.

I would love to partner with you, to serve you, and to serve other youth leaders of our nation. And so I would love your input and help.

Below is a quick survey, that I hope you can take the time to fill in.

As a thank you, your response will put you into a draw for a prize, and we will give you the option of 4 different prizes to pick from.

Thank you for your service in youth ministry, thank you for reading this message, and thank you for your consideration and response.

God bless you in 2020, bless your health, your heart, your relationships, your finances and your service


Survey Questions

What things would help you to lead better and stay in ministry longer? Select as many as you would like.
Other ways we can care for you as the leader
What training would be helpful for you and your team? Select as many as you would like.
Other training that you might like.
Would you like to be involved with Youth Min NZ? Select as many as you would like.
Other ways you can be involved with Youth Min NZ.
Please select which reward you would like, if you win the draw.